Disc Test & Review: Outline for Training and Development Plans

Corporations need a training plan for employees training and skills development. Its a detailed guide of instruction that will be used during training seminars. Organizations that are very specific on the trainings are giving Disc Test to identify what are the aspects needed to be improved. Results of disc test is then compiled in a disc profile. It depends on the detailed planning and delivery. These steps will show how to plan a successful training and development. Determine the purpose…

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Dinner with Dr. WPF (another witness)

Walt and Josh blogged about it. It would be wrong of me not to. Dinner with the disciples last night was great… …a bit uncomfortable since most people were visibly awestruck by the doctor’s presence at our table. I think its important to say that I feel like the doctor isn’t a bad guy. It just appears like he is the prototypical evil eccentric mastermind when we breaks into a loud “mooo hooo hooo ah a ahhhhh” (I did however…

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