Where does integration fit into user experience design?

Caveat: the following is some quick musings on a question brought up by one of the integrators on our team. This was my quick response to him and our team.   The question was:   “Do you guys think that visual design and UX are very different things? Like as in good user experience goes beyond the GUI and goes deep into interaction and proper software architecture.”   My response   Visual Design is just a fraction of User Experience…

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Designers Love Effects Simple Sample Using Pixel Shaders in 3.5 sp1

Just wrapped up a project and am feeling really good right now… Exciting times for WPF and Windows in general! Really pumped about going to the PDC… Finally getting a chance to look over the sessions list. I finally got a chance to play with the Pixel Shaders Library on CodePlex and now I am really jazzed about what you can do with effects. I actually tried this in the project that I worked on this week and it was sweet… I…

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its an all Window week for me

In honor of the PDC I wont be using non MS products… Other than my iphone… But where possible I will be using things like Windows Live Photo Gallery beta instead of using my default Aperture in OS X or when I need to look something up I will use I mentioned yesterday that I am using Windows Live Skydrive and Mesh extensively lately. I will be reviewing some of my experiences this week with other great Windows user…

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