Just wrapped up a project and am feeling really good right now… Exciting times for WPF and Windows in general! Really pumped about going to the PDC… Finally getting a chance to look over the sessions list.

I finally got a chance to play with the Pixel Shaders Library on CodePlex and now I am really jazzed about what you can do with effects.

I actually tried this in the project that I worked on this week and it was sweet… I applied the ColorTone effect to desaturate my images and put a specific color cast on the image…

It looks like this… (sorry no time to get formatted code in this post… Screenshots are all you get today)

Then I turned it into a button and animated the ColorToneEffect properties when you mouse over the button. Code is posted to my Skydrive. (Loving Skydrive by the way… and Mesh too… Mesh rocks!)

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