In honor of the PDC I wont be using non MS products… Other than my iphone… But where possible I will be using things like Windows Live Photo Gallery beta instead of using my default Aperture in OS X or when I need to look something up I will use

I mentioned yesterday that I am using Windows Live Skydrive and Mesh extensively lately. I will be reviewing some of my experiences this week with other great Windows user experiences/services.

First review is for Windows Live Photo Gallery beta… Honestly I am impressed… I didnt expect to be. But I give it high marks in speed and usability. Still low marks in emotional connection but that is a challenge because I havent quite bought into the baby blues of the current generation of Windows Live branding.

I snapped a few pics from my hotel and created a PDC set on flickr all through the app Very simple process and using things like Windows Live Writer and Photo Gallery its starting to become a consistent experience about how I share… The consistency is creating a social app experience that is integrated with my local client experience that I am really starting to like. Its better than blurring the lines…. Its hiding them all together.

Next up… instead of using iChat or Windows Live Messenger or Skype to video conference with my wife and kids… I am going to try out Windows Live Video Messages